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Gulmarg 2010 Organized Ski Tours

Believe it or not, this year (Dec 2009/Jan 2010) sees an explosion of organized Ski or Skiing tours to Gulmarg – mostly by people/companies from outside India. You apparently get the benefit of ‘Ski Travel Consultants’ with specific trips organized between specific dates by different companies. The slots are limited and can be filled up using the online websites easily.

A week’s trip costs about USD 2000, generally including return flights from Delhi, local transfers, twin sharing hotels, Lift costs, food, guide, etc. Equipment may or may not be covered.

So looks like market forces are taking over. What if the government could not exploit the potential; savvy people from the field the world over are coming in and filling the void.

The costs seem somewhat high for Indian visitors – but compare it to a vacation to Kerela or Goa, and it could still make sense. Not to forget that this is about guided skiing tours to one the most beautiful places on the earth, and not merely a vacationing, take it easy kind of trip. More adventure than one could ever dream of…when you combine the powder fun with the fun of travelling to Kashmir in a peculiar India kind of way – who’d clear the snow from the roads? no one; would there be electricity? who can tell; and so on…

Check out these sites:






Gulmarg Skiing


(if there are any others that anyone would like to suggest, please contact or add them below to the comments section).

Finally, if you have been to one of these trips and would like to share your suggestions, comments, or feedback for the benefit of others, you are welcome to add your comment below.