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All set for Gulmarg Snow Festival starting Feb 2, 2009

The 2-day food and snow festival is starting in Gulmarg from February 2. New for this year, the festival will be held near the base station of world’s highest Gondola, in tented accommodations, so that skiers can participate as soon as their last run off the mountain concludes.
The festival will include night skiing, snowboarding, ice-skiing, snow-cycling and international food festival. Its widely believed that the quality of snow and the slopes at Phase 2 surpasses those in Europe and North America
The food festival will give an opportunity to savour traditional Kashmiri cuisine like Wazwaan, Harissa, Masala, fish and Kashmiri snacks. This year, also expect some Italian and Russian dishes, sponsored by tour operators from other countries. According to Carin Jodha Fischer, tourism consultant to J&K Tourism Department, compared to the last two years, everything at Gulmarg has improved in terms of infrastructure. Apparently the tarrif for the Gandola ride has been reduced, its been running on time and snow removal has been better. Advance bookings for accomodations are always better, especially to guard against unexpected arrival of domestic tourists.
J&K Cycling Association is expected to organize snow cycling event on the first day of the 2-day festival.