Report: Experts train ski patrol team in Gulmarg Saturday, February 4, 2006 (Gulmarg):Experts from across the globe can be seen on the slopes of Gulmarg, attempting to train members of the Kashmir Ski Patrol for the 2010 Commonwealth Winter Games.

Peter and Kip are two ski coaches who have come all the way from Canada and the US to train the team in avalanche awareness, ski mountaineering and mountain rescue.

A ski patrol team is the need of the hour since the safety of skiers, who come every year in large numbers, is a prime concern.

“Lot of concepts are new. Technical aspects of rescue and first aid are doing well. We are having a lot of fun in our courses. We are very excited and it is a pleasure to be with them and they are enthusiastic towards the project,” said Peter Spricenieks, Canadian coach.

Crucial techniques

The members also said they were being given important lessons in techniques.

“They are teaching us rescue, avalanche safety, first aid and some good skiing techniques so that we are ready for 2010 Commonwealth Games. We are taking care of the skiers on these slopes,” said Mohammed Anwar, Ski Patrol member.

Gulmarg has been a big revenue earner as a holiday destination, which is why the state government is planning to revamp the slopes and add more facilities like cable cars.

“All the international ski resorts have some basic rules and regulations. Keeping those in view, we are making efforts to provide all facilities which an international ski resort has,” said G M Dar, Team Captain.

If everything goes well and Gulmarg hosts 2010 international ski event, it will give a big boost to the Kashmir tourist industry.