Private organized ski package tours

In the recent years, many people from other countries – avid skiers themselvesĀ – who have chance ‘discovered’ Gulmarg slopes have sensed an opportunity to organize tours for others who may be interested. Owing to their efforts and the exposure they are giving to this hidden pearl in the Himalayas, Gulmarg is coming to be talked about in the ski circles. of course, they have some economic opportunity there as well, but its a huge gain for Gulmarg overall.

You should feel encouraged to visit their tour packages and see if any fits your needs:

2 thoughts on “Private organized ski package tours

  1. aditi

    we are planning to visit gulmarg from,3 march to 10 march.we are interested in sking during our visit .please guide us about the available options

  2. Saurabh Kapur

    Hi Aditi,

    We missed your comment earlier.

    Our company organizes fixed departure and customised skiing trips to Gulmarg.
    If you have already started your trip, do let us know if you need any assistance from our team there.
    We would be happy to help.

    Saurabh – GoMissing team
    +91 – 82853 49989

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