Learning Skiing at Gulmarg

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Ever imagined a vast, gently sloping playground dotted with pine trees, rocks and colorful flowers. Add a water stream to it and cover it with a fresh, white blanket of snow – an aromatic canvas of white!

Is this your idea of a picture perfect destination? Does it seem right out of a child’s fairy tale book?

Well, places like these exist, and one such place is Gulmarg.

To this beauty, if you want to add a bit of zing, then spike it up with some adventure too. Because, if you happen to be in Gulmarg, then you definitely owe yourself a few lessons in skiing.

Here is why learning skiing in Gulmarg is a must do!

13 Reasons why you should learn Skiing in Gulmarg

  1. The perfect adrenalin rush: Standing on the top of a cliff on your skis, a field of white powdery snow ahead of you, a little movement as you start your descent, soft snowflakes on your face, the caress of icy cold winds through your hair, your heart beat racing as you gain speed down the incline and you make that little skiing jump on your first free run. If this is you, pack your bags and read the rest of the post later!
  2. Among the best in the world: As a skiing resort, Gulmarg is comparable to the best resorts in the world. According to CNN, Gulmarg was ranked in the top 5 in Asia (the other four resorts are – Yongpyong, Gangwon-do in South Korea, Niseko – Hokkaido in Japan, Appi Kogen Tohoku in Japan and Yabuli ski resort in China)
  3. Value for money: It is great value for money to learn Skiing/ski in Gulmarg as compared to any skiing resort in the world. For what you’ll pay for a single day for just Skiing in Europe, you’ll get skiing + stay + equipment + classes for a few days in Gulmarg
  4. The instructors: Are at par with any other skiing instructors in the world
  5. Quick learning: You will be able to take the first steps into a wonderful new sport in a short 4-5 day trip
  6. Photographers paradise: Gulmarg has the highest operating gondola in the world and the views from the Gulmarg Gondola are stunning. You ride above a snow covered pine forest. Along with your skiing lessons, you will have an opportunity to take some surreal pictures above a 14,000 ft high alpine meadow which overlooks Gulmarg
  7. Stay: While the outdoors are freezing cold, the hospitality is heartwarming. There are hotels and resorts to suit all budgets. Imagine being woken up gently every morning with a hot cup of Kashmiri tea (kahwa) and the fire crackling in the fireplace (or the heating making it nice and warm)
  8. Food: Is lip smacking delicious. Start your day with a breakfast which can be Indian, Kashmiri or Continental cuisines. For meals try the local Kashmiri non veg cuisine of Rogan Josh, Gustapa, Rishta, Yakhni etc. Once you’re done, wash it down with a piping hot cup of Kehwa (Kashmiri tea). For a true culinary experience, try the Wazwan which is a multi-course meal
  9. Getting to Gulmarg: From Delhi, it takes about 3.5 hours to get to Gulmarg. A short flight and drive gets you to the snow slopes
  10. Other sports: You can try/learn snowboarding and ice skating in Gulmarg
  11. Child’s wander: Snow is something that fascinates most of us. Snowball fights, making a snowman and the skiing is sure to bring out the child in you
  12. Hassle free: GoMissing organizes hassle free Skiing trips to Gulmarg for individuals, groups of friends and families which will help you enjoy the adventure conveniently. You only need to sign up, and we’ll take care of the rest!
  13. Making friends: Trips like these are done by like minded people. When you’re all freezing together on the slopes, or building a snowman, or having a snowball fight, or experiencing your first fall on the slopes and another member of the group helps you up, you build the camaraderie and long lasting friendship that only such kind of travel can offer. The laughs and drinks in front of a fireplace at the end of the day while you wait for some mouth watering food is priceless

For people who have never skied before, do something for the first time. Because when you’re 60 and your grandchild asks for a story, this will be infinitely more interesting than all the corporate boardroom battles, the 9 to 9 jobs and endless working hours on holidays.

GoMissing Expeditions Pvt. Ltd. runs fixed departures and customized trips for groups to Gulmarg. Do check out our 5 day fixed departures for beginners and intermediate skiiers.

Groups and advance skiiers, get in touch with us on email at tripinfo@gomissing.com or call us at +91 – 82853 49989 for a memorable skiing trip.