Golf course in Gulmarg

In summer, play on the world’s highest golf course. The 18-hole, par 72 Gulmarg golf course is quite hilly. The golf club itself was built in 1904, by British residents feeling lost without the bare necessities. It also offers table tennis and billiards, should you feel the need for knocking other little balls about. For green fees and rental rates, talk to someone at the J&K TDC (Tel: [91-1954] 254-507, 254-424;, which manages the place.

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  1. alexandra tinkova

    dear sirs, as an editor in chief of life style magazine Season Report
    i would like to aks you kindly about the possibility to obtain high resolution photos of your golf course as we would like to feature it in ou next issue.

    Is it possible?

    Thank you in advance,

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    Alexandra Tinkova
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  2. James Lim

    Wanted to know when is the best time for golf in Gulmarg and what is the charges for 18 holes golf
    Thank you

  3. Azhar Khan

    @ james Lim

    The best time for golfing in Gulmarg is june july & august and charges are far cheaper than any other place in India.

    You can better try golfing in Royal Spring golf club in the heart of the city which is a world class golf course here in Kashmir.

    Incase any other query please send your mail directly to me on royal _

    Azhar Khan

  4. Azhar Khan

    @ Alexender tinkova

    Since your post is two years old just wanted to know have to clicked in Gulmarg as you desired if no please confirm I will guide you.

    Also incase any query maill directly to me on

    Azhar Khan

  5. Nishanth

    Hello all,

    Need information on the Gulmarg Golf club, you can visit its website on – Lots of pictures/layout information/ fact sheet/ contact information/ exact location/ Amenities at the course. Here is the URL for this.

    Feel free to drop in and share more information on this golf course if you have any.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Nishanth T

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