Current Gulmarg weather Ski Season 2009-2010

You can find current upto the minute Gulmarg weather conditions and temperature here.
2010-01-28 13:30:00
North Kashmir’s Gulmarg tourist resort received snowfall Thursday morning, starting early in the morning – even as the weatherman predicted rain and snow in many parts of the Kashmir Valley.
Ski blogger Sam Lozier is spending a chunk of this winter in Kashmir, India with his friend Allen Taylor. From his blog report in
Gulmarg has finally got some good weather in the forecast. After an unbelievably dry early season (only two storms so far) it looks like the jet stream is shifting south over the Arabian Sea, where it will pick up a lot more moisture than it does when it swings in over Asia. With combined force of the jet stream, the karmic assistance of our Kiwi friend James, who is leaving just before the storm, and the help of Allah (all the locals insist we trust in Him to bring the weather), we should end up with a bit of snow here in town.
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  1. Admin

    Fe 6, 2010 – Gulmarg recorded 2-feet of snow, while its peripheral areas witnessed over 3-feet of snow. Tangmarg recorded one feet of snow due to which Tangmarg-Gulmarg road became slippery. Following which authorities suspended traffic for several hours on the 10-kilometere stretch. Only those vehicles which were having 4×4 facility and having skid chains were allowed to move from Tangmarg to Gulmarg.

  2. belinda allen

    I am trying to reach my daughter in gulmarg.Is this the administarion office at Gulmarg?
    i dont know where she is staying there. her name is georgina allen or georgie allen from New zealand.
    can you get a message for her to ring home to tell us she is alright as we have heard there are bad snow conditions and avanlanches there.

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