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Indian Institute of Skiing and Mountaineering

The Indian Institute of Skiing and Mountaineering also conducts courses in the Gulmarg area, apart from taking groups out on “adventure courses”, which are basically treks. The institute is not considered one of India’s best, but it’s an option.

IISM is a national institute which has been promoting winter and adventure sports in the Kashmir valley for the last five decades.

Details on 15-day snow ski courses of the Indian Institute of Ski and Mountaineering (IISM) at Gulmarg in 2009:

  • Total courses organized in a year: 5
  • First ski course was held from January 14 to January 27.
  • Second started on January 28 and concluded on February 11.
  • There is a test in which the trainees appear after the end of the course which need to pass to qualify to get certificates.
  • The course stregth is about 40 students of various age groups. Generally there is a huge rush of applicants.
  • The course is three-level, designated as basic, intermediate and advance.
  • Name of some Trainers: Hadeeqa Khurshid, Muhammad Shafi, Tariq Zargar, Feroz Ahmad Khan, Jeelani, Shabir Ahmad Dar
  • Principal: Mr. Khurshid Ahmad Mir
  • Equipment: The institute now sources equipment independent of Tourism department and its own snow scooters, snow beating machines and all the hi-tech gadgets needed for skiing
  • Address: The Principal, Indian Institute Of Skiing & Mountaineering, Gulmarg, J&K

For Skiing courses in the winter of 2009-2010, check this post here:

    Skiing in Gulmarg

    Gulmarg prides itself as one of the highest lift-served ski resorts in the world. This is laregely due to setting-up of a Gandola Cable Car Lift from Gulmarg to Apharwat top. The first section of the Gandola, from Gulmarg to Kongdori gives a downhill ski run of about 3 kms. In addition, three ski lifts and one chair lift also service the resort, which are suitable for beginners and intermediate-level skiing, respectively.
    The skiing season in Gulmarg usually commences before Christmas (around middle of December) and continues till middle of April. In January-February, 1998 the first National Winter Games of India were held at Gulmarg, for which the facilities were enormously improved and upgraded. The resort acquired two Kasse Bohrer snow beating machines used for preparing skiing slopes, and five snowmobiles, which can be made available for going up the mountain (in reality, would they be??). Good quality equipment, including skis, boots, sticks, gloves and goggles are available on hire on the spot from the Government-run ski and other rental shops. There are also trained instructors available for guiding the tourists. Gulmarg is ideally suited for learning skiing, as it is probably the cheapest ski resort in the world.

    The Tourism department is organizing National Winter games from February 17 to February 22, 2008 at Gulmarg. In which about 500 players are participating.

    The upper gondola (phase 2) to Mt Apherwat is the prime attraction for skiers, hikers. The cable car ascends 1,330 vertical metres to a height of nearly 4,000m. The first phase, from Gulmarg to the Kongdori mid-station 300m above costs Rs100 each way, or Rs500 for the day. Phase 2, to nearly 4,000m at the ridgeline of Mt Apherwat, costs Rs250 each way. A day pass is Rs1,000.

    The gondola operates both during winter and summer, with times when its taken off for planned or unplanned repairs, including for inclement weather. It is possible to hike or take a pony, depending on the season. For the ski season, J&K Tourism ( also operates two lifts on the snow-covered golf course in Gulmarg proper. Lifts are about Rs60 for a full day’s use and Rs40 for a half-day.

    You can learn golf for Rs250 a day, which is as low it can get anywhere in the world. Taking lessons is very common for local Kashmiri population. For foreigners conducts some tours that are albeit expensive.

    Sample costs:

    • You can get a government guide for Rs1,000.  
    • Skis and snowboards with bindings cost Rs500 per day; get them cheaper from J&K Tourism’s ski rental shop.
    • Boots, skis and sticks (or board and boots) Rs250 a day.
    • Goggles and gloves for an additional 50 bucks.
    • Discounts at half off for under 12 of age and students

    Phone connections from Gulmarg

    The country code for India is 91 (+91 or 0091) and the Gulmarg STD code is 0194 (no zero necessary while dialing international). Mobile phones work in Srinagar, but not in Gulmarg, unless they’re with the Indian provider BSNL. Your only other means of contact with the outside world is through STD phone booths. There are a number of them present throughout Gulmarg.