Gulmarg 2010 Organized Ski Tours

Believe it or not, this year (Dec 2009/Jan 2010) sees an explosion of organized Ski or Skiing tours to Gulmarg – mostly by people/companies from outside India. You apparently get the benefit of ‘Ski Travel Consultants’ with specific trips organized between specific dates by different companies. The slots are limited and can be filled up using the online websites easily.

A week’s trip costs about USD 2000, generally including return flights from Delhi, local transfers, twin sharing hotels, Lift costs, food, guide, etc. Equipment may or may not be covered.

So looks like market forces are taking over. What if the government could not exploit the potential; savvy people from the field the world over are coming in and filling the void.

The costs seem somewhat high for Indian visitors – but compare it to a vacation to Kerela or Goa, and it could still make sense. Not to forget that this is about guided skiing tours to one the most beautiful places on the earth, and not merely a vacationing, take it easy kind of trip. More adventure than one could ever dream of…when you combine the powder fun with the fun of travelling to Kashmir in a peculiar India kind of way – who’d clear the snow from the roads? no one; would there be electricity? who can tell; and so on…

Check out these sites:

Gulmarg Skiing

(if there are any others that anyone would like to suggest, please contact or add them below to the comments section).

Finally, if you have been to one of these trips and would like to share your suggestions, comments, or feedback for the benefit of others, you are welcome to add your comment below.

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    I had been at Gulmarg quite often. In march 2009 I completed a course in snow ski-ing at gulmarg through Indian Institute of Ski-ing and Mountaineering. It was a good and beautiful experience.
    Any one seeking further information can contact me on +919906594323 or mail me at

  2. Narang Deo

    Found this information on Rising Kashmir newspaper:
    Sajad kralyari
    Srinagar, Dec 08:
    With Gulmarg experiencing an early snowfall this winter, different institutes are gearing up to start snow skiing courses for different levels.
    This winter, Indian Institute of Skiing and Mountaineering (IISM) is organizing five advanced and intermediate ski-training courses at Gulmarg in which besides the local youth participation, students from other sates too will be a part.

    In addition, the Institute has set up its new building at Gulmarg, which provides all kinds of facilities at par with any five star hotels to the students.
    The courses for this year’ season start from December 27 and are scheduled to culminate on March 22, the next year.
    “Gulmarg is the world’s best skiing destination and we want local youth to join the courses. The registration for the courses is already underway. We have good response from the students of outside State but we want to have more local student participation,” said Principal IISM, Col JS Dhillon.
    Eight instructors will be imparting training to the students during the courses and each level of course accommodates 40 students, which lasts for 15 days. The institute charges Rs 4500 for each course which includes the facilities of boarding, lodging and training during the course.
    “There is a lack of awareness among the local people here. The institute charges the subsidized fees for the students for the best facilities,” said Col Dhillon.
    He said people from within and outside the country spend huge amount to enjoy skiing at Gulmarg.
    “Gulmarg has the potential to attract tourists from around the world which will provide employment to the local skiers. The students after receiving full training from the institute can run their own ski training centers,” added the Colonel.
    The principal wishes for the improvement of the situation in the Valley, which he believes, will divert the money to Kashmir.
    “Indian tourists move to different countries for holidaying. Gulmarg is one the best destinations around the world for holidaying and adventure sports,” said Col Dhillon.
    To augment the conduct of the course, the Institute also possesses one ski lift and one chair lift and snow scooters.
    The principal said the courses are designed for capacity building and the overall personality development of a student, which the schools normally do not teach here.
    The newly set up building of the IISM houses state of art equipment, which includes Gymnasium, restaurant, ski store and the other facilities for the comfortable lodging of the students.
    He said that the course is suitable for girls also, which will help them come out the “inferiority complex”.
    “The girls here don’t participate in sports. However, in this sport they can do better. It involves more of a metal capability than physical strength,” said the principal.
    Established in 1969, the IISM also imparts technical training and conducts various adventure sports courses like
    The interested participants have been asked to send the application form to its offices for enrollment. They can contact 0194-2312749, 01954-214037 and 9797702322 for further details.

  3. Dr. Nishi Gupta

    It is indeed a wonderful venture. I have heard from people aboule gandola ride that it is more beautiful than Switezerland.Is there a short course or training for a day or two available

  4. Mohit

    I think Nrang you have made life easy for me.

    I have been looking for the numbers of the IISM

    And could not find it on the net.

    It seems tht they do not have a web site..

    Or may be if they do I was not lucky enough to find it.

    I am glad to have the information and i am very keen to go for a course at IISM

    For any further updates please mail me on



  5. Niteesh Sharma says

    am planning for an M.O.I course in feb-march they have one at that point of time ?


    niteesh sharma

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